November 3, 2016

Where Do I Host My Personal Domain Email?

Speaking of having an email address with my own domain, it is really a cool thing. I have been using for a period of time, and I host it in Zoho. Zoho provides free service for hosting custom domain email and, it is adequate to my requirement. However, I do not know if the “free” leads to negative side: emails sent Zoho’s email server are probably treated as junk mails [1][2][3]. I personally have not met such situations, but I decide to find some more reliable, reputable providers.

There are some big names like Google, Office 365, and Rackspace, Fastmail, etc. They all starts at around $5/month. My website is hosted on DigitalOcean, where I spend $5/month for my whole website. I do not think I need another $5 service just for my email. It is overkilled. All I need is a service can host my email, just one account, one or two alias, not too much emails. Then I found from some forum, telling that they provide custom domain support but not advertising it. I gave a try and paid 2 days after.

It only costs me 1 euro a month, 2GB storage and up to 3 alias. It is hosted in Germany and claims to be “Secure”. I found mostly positive feedbacks online, and my experience is quite good. Then that’s it, that is all I want, and I think if you have similar need as mine, that might suit you as well.

My email addresses now are

  2. (I think it is too blatant)

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