May 3, 2017

Is Surface Laptop Cheaper/Faster than MacBook Pro [at first glance]?

I watched MicrosoftEDU event today and I had some thoughts. During the announcement, they claimed that it is faster than i7 MacBook Pro and has up-to 14.5 battery life. When they reveal the $999 price tag, everyone started applauding. It is indeed cheap for a premiere laptop. I am always been a MacBook user, and I am curious, is Surface Laptop a better choice now? I did a little bit research, and try to find out if it is cheaper and faster than MacBook Pro. ... Read more

March 29, 2017

How to Display Number of OmniFocus Flagged Tasks on Touchbar (using BTT)

Recently I found that BetterTouchTool could place some widgets on MacBook Pro’s new Touchbar, like a app switcher. Due to its AppleScript capability, it can do many many different things. Today I wrote a Apple Script that could get number of flagged tasks in OmniFocus and let BTT display it on the Touchbar. It is quite cool. Prerequisite OmniFocus BetterTouchTool I tested the method with OmniFocus 2.8.3 and BetterTouchTool 2. ... Read more

December 27, 2016

Sublime Text vs Visual Studio Code vs Atom Performance Test (Dec 2016)

Speaking of text editor, I have been using Sublime Text for around 3 years, and I have no issues with it. I tried Atom one or two year ago and I was impressed by its active community (GitHub! I love GitHub). The UI especially intrigued me. The reason I sticked with Sublime Text was performance: Atom was slow, even after when Atom 1.0 was announced. These days, I Googled “Sublime Text vs Atom 2016”, trying to see if Atom has significant improvement when I found Visual Studio Code. ... Read more

November 3, 2016

Where Do I Host My Personal Domain Email?

Speaking of having an email address with my own domain, it is really a cool thing. I have been using for a period of time, and I host it in Zoho. Zoho provides free service for hosting custom domain email and, it is adequate to my requirement. However, I do not know if the “free” leads to negative side: emails sent Zoho’s email server are probably treated as junk mails [1][2][3]. ... Read more

November 1, 2016

How or Do

As for me, a great tool will motivate me to do a corresponding thing. I remember last year, I was so enthusiastic to purchase Omnifocus because I thought it could change my life, bring tidy life style. The reality is, I have not yet depended more than 30% of my life on it. It acts as if it was the bundled “Reminder” App. Right now, I am typing using iA Writer. ... Read more

December 7, 2015

Two CityU Apps Took Down from App Store 两款 CityU 应用下架通知

On 07 Dec, 2015. In an email regarding my two Apps from City University of Hong Kong: VPSA, Dean of Students and Director of SDS are concerning the security of this kind of app because it’s possible that the apps may store the username and password and perform any action on behalf of any user in any of CityU’s Enterprise Systems. My intention on these Two App is only to provide a better booking experience for CityU students and staffs. ... Read more

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